Rhino Feet

Rhino Feet™ are specially designed, patent-pending support pads that stick to a wide variety of items and keep them elevated. Rhino Feet can support massive weight loads and have magnetic inserts moulded directly into the part. These magnets allow the Rhino Feet to travel with the item you are supporting. It makes transporting and working on heavy metal items much faster and easier.


The top of each Rhino Foot has a rare-earth magnet moulded directly into the part. It provides strong holding power on ferrous metal surfaces. The bottom of each Rhino Foot has a steel insert. This allows Rhino Feet to be stacked together for storage purposes. Rhino Feet have a patent-pending, unique webbed geometry that supports incredible weight loads. Each foot has a compressive strength of 12,500kg and a SWL of 3,175kg.


Rhino Feet are magnetic which means they can travel with the mould. Stick them on and leave them in place. Eliminate wooden pallets and blocks from your mouldshop!


  • Improve efficiency and reduce wasted time searching for wood
  • Rhino Feet are uniform in size - stop trying to match up wood pieces to the same height and width
  • Eliminate the trip hazards that wood pallets and blocks
  • Eliminate potential injuries and health and safety issues
  • Free up much needed floor space by removing the large footprint of wood / pallets
  • Reduce cleaning of machined surfaces by avoiding the transfer of dirt and oil from the wooden blocks
  • Improve your 5-S efforts by improving cleanliness and organisation of your shop


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