New for 2022

The New for 2022 Mouldpro catalogue is available now and it includes some fantastic new products, what better way to introduce them to you, than by offering you some incredible savings! 


The real stars of the show this month are the Thermal Cameras, the DT-870 and the Pro DT-980 both of which have 10% off. These Thermal Cameras have great features such as their compact, rugged and lightweight design that allows for optimum portability and performance, even in harsh working conditions and the ability to withstand drops from up to 2m. The 4-hour battery life with the rechargeable battery and automatic shutdown means that each day your camera will be ready to go, and the built-in LED torch makes working in dark and unlit inspection environments easier. 


Thermal Cameras are often used for a multitude of temperature related applications around the mould shop such as: measuring part ejection temperature, checking heater-band temperatures and troubleshooting possible cooling problems or dryer temperatures simply by measuring the hose temperature; these may not give exact readings but, are a great way to quickly identify possible problems and are an invaluable aid to process verification. 


With an easy-to-use interface, these Thermal Cameras are ideal for monitoring process parameters and predictive maintenance, and the ability for datalogging via the internal memory while Bluetooth connectivity allows for the easy transfer of data to the user’s smartphone or Bluetooth device. The camera uses point and shoot infrared technology to produce high-quality thermal images that are displayed on the TFT screen, with an 80x80 resolution. The 50Hz fast frame rate enables fast capture of temperature variation where critical temperature conditions are directly displayed with automatic hot/cold spot recognition and has a temperature range from -20°C to 350°C (-4°F to 302°F). The camera will quickly identify the temperature of polymer melt temperature – giving an almost instantaneous reading – in comparison a melt probe can take up to 30 seconds for the reading to stabilise. 


Both the Thermal Camera DT-870 and Pro DT-980 are designed to make your work easier by providing accurate, fast and reliable temperature measurement, but what makes the Pro DT-980 differ from the DT-870? It’s the Pro DT-980's additional features such as the 5 Megapixel built in digital camera that enables the overlaying of digital and thermal images. It also features the more advanced fusion mode and the 100Mb internal memory (80 Pictures JPEG / 1 minute of live video MPEG-4) or up to 60 minutes video using the 8GB micro-SD Card, Video output via USB or HDMI. It also comes with additional accessories such as an adaptor, battery, App software, USB cable and convenient carry case. 


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