Hoses For All Specifications - Mouldpro Hose Configurator


Have you visited our secondary Mouldpro site dedicated to the build of custom hose configurations- www.hoseconfigurator.net? The site allows you to create the exact specification that you are looking for, with access to the entire Mouldpro catalogue of hoses and couplings. The combinations available are endless – Build and request hose solutions tailored specifically to you.



From start to finish the process is incredibly easy to navigate. Full measurements and product images accompany each stage allowing you to see the build come together in front of you. Whether you need just one hose or a hundred hoses, the smart process of configurating your hose flows together in less than ten steps.



If you are looking for a specific hosing solution over to the website and see how just how easy it is. If you still need something that our Hose Configurator can’t build, or a completely different product entirely get in touch with our Saless team - sales@mouldshop.com