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Check heater-band temperatures, troubleshoot cooling issues, measure part-ejection temperatures and more with point-and-shoot IR thermal imaging, quickly and accurately. You'll be able to identify polymer melt temperatures virtually instantaneously and no longer need to wait for a melt probe to feedback. 

The DT-870 gives all the necessary functions you'd want from a high-quality thermal camera, but if you're looking for a wider range of temperature visualisation, data transfer and real-time feedback, consider the DT-986H. Both cameras come complete with a custom case including foam inserts for safe and secure storage. The Dt-986H also includes an 8GB Micro SD card for data storage. 

Below is an abbreviated specification comparison for you to consider which thermal camera is right for your needs. Full specifications can be found on the product pages for each camera respectively.

For more information, please don't hestitate to contact our dedicated Sales team via email (, live chat (during office hours) or phone (08454 700701)


DT - 870 DT - 986H
Optical and Imaging 
IR Resolution 80 x 80 pixels 256 x 192 pixels
Field of View 21 x 21°  36 x 27°
Thermal Sensitivity <0.1°C/100mK <0.1°C at 30°C/100mK
Image Frequency 50Hz 25Hz
Zoom 1 - 16x continuous, digital zoom
Image Presentation
Display 2" TFT LCD, 240 x 320 pixles  3.5" LCD Touch, 640 x 480 pixels
Image Mode IR image

IR image, visual image, picture in picture, AUF

Picture in Picture - IR area on visual image
Colour Palettes IRON/Rainbow/Grey/Grey Inverted IRON/Rainbow/Grey/Grey Inverted/Brown/Blue-Red/Hot-Cold/Feather/Above Alarm/Below Alarm/Zone Alarm/Vision Zone
Object Temperature Range -20° to 150°C / 0° to 350°C / extended to -20° to 650°C -20°C to 550°C
Accuracy ± 2oC or ± 2% of reading ± 2oC or ± 2% of reading
Digital Camera
Built-in Visible Light Camera 2 Megapixels; FOV 65°
Data Communication Interfaces
USB USB-Micro USB-Type C
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Wi-Fi No Yes