AIRTECT - Exclusive Offer!


We have the AIRTECT LA500 on offer for just two weeks at a brilliant £450.00*, saving you not just money, but also from a bad case of nozzle drool...


Plastic leaks around the machine nozzle (and within the hot runner system) are expensive to clean up. Machine downtime, quality issues and safety risks all factor in. But, the simple and cost-effective installation of an AIRTECT leak alarm system will minimise the potential havoc plastic leaks cause.

The LA500 is a complete Plastic Leak Detection kit ready to be installed on your machine in a simple, easy process making for a rapid payback on investment.

We have an extensive range of AIRTECT kits and systems beyond the LA500, of which all can be viewed here - AIRTECT RANGE

*This offer is only valid from Monday 28th April 10:30 BST to Friday 10th May 23:59 BST.