• Mouldshop 2024 Wall Planner - Order Yours Now

    Written by on 14/12/2022 10:19:00

    The 2024 Mouldshop Project Wall Planners have arrived and are now ready for shipping!  Keep on top of the year ahead by ordering your FREE A1 wall planner today. It's handily pre-dated with all the Plastics Industry's key ev...

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  • Our Free Christmas Gift To You!

    Written by on 31/10/2023 12:54:00

    We're sending you a boost ready to power you through 2024 with our FREE Christmas gift on all orders of £200* or more placed in December! Available with either a USB-C charger cable or Lightning charger cable to suit your need...

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  • Meet Us This November!

    Written by on 26/10/2023 10:00:00

    November is a busy month for Mouldshop, not just with the lead up to Christmas but also our attendance at FANUC Open House and Meet The Toolmaker.    FANUC Open House |Tues 14th – Thurs 16th Nov| Coventry UK  Come a...

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  • Save The Date - 2024 Date Stamps

    Written by on 23/10/2023 16:54:00

    Can you believe it's already time to order your new Date Stamps in time for 2024! New for this year, we have CUMSA Date Stamps and Date Inserts alongside our existing range of high-quality European manufactured Date Stamps and Plugs. Plus, th...

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  • FREE Aerosol Can Recycling Now Available

    Written by on 19/10/2023 13:28:00

    Sustainability within the Plastics Industry is more important than ever, so why not take advantage of our Aerosol Recycling service – completely FREE of charge. Mouldshop Consignment Stock Customers can now benefit from our FREE aerosol can recyc...

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  • Collect Your FREE FliknStik at Interplas!

    Written by on 21/09/2023 10:10:00

    Enjoy the hands free pleasure anywhere, anytime, with a Mouldshop FliknStik! Visit us on stand E80 at Interplas 2023 and receive your FREE and EXCLUSIVE FliknStik when you bring along the QR code inside our pre-show email! Available in tw...

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  • Avoid A Leaky Tool

    Written by on 06/09/2023 10:54:00

      AIRTECT OFFERS THROUGHOUT SEPTEMBER     With Mouldshop being recently announced as a UK distributor for AIRTECT and the run up to Interplas 2023, take advantage of fantastic savings during September across selected AIRTEC...

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  • Innovative Solutions for your Moulds

    Written by on 17/05/2023 11:09:00

    Mouldshop are delighted to announce that a partnership has been agreed and we are now the UK Distributor for CUMSA Products.   CUMSA has always had a very clear objective of maintaining the latest technological improvements through innovation a...

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  • First Golden Ticket Winner Announced!

    Written by on 19/04/2023 15:31:00

    Our first Golden Ticket prize has been claimed, Neil Sowden of Signal Plastics has won one of Mouldshop’s finest Thermal Imaging Cameras, Congratulations Neil!      Neil’s Prize is the DT-980 Thermal Imaging Camera, with ...

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  • The Mouldshop Golden Ticket

    Written by on 27/03/2023 13:27:00

    As well as our sharing chocolate biscuit boxes promotion  we are giving away a mulititude of prizes...   Find a Golden Ticket within one of our Chocolate Biscuit Boxes and you are a WINNER, scratch off the panel to reveal your prize - tak...

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  • The Mouldshop Big Biscuit Box is HERE!

    Written by on 27/03/2023 15:38:00

    Sharing is caring and here at Mouldshop we value our colleagues and customers alike, hence we bring you The Mouldshop Big Biscuit Box, made for sharing this box contains an assortment of 44 chocolate biscuit bars to brighten...

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  • When the pressure's on...

    Written by on 01/03/2023 17:34:00

    Explore our extensive range of industry standard push-in fittings, fully interchangeable with all branded products such as Festo or SMC, these fittings are a high-quality, low-cost option, offering great value for money. Push-in fittings are suitable ...

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  • Mould Cooling for less...

    Written by on 06/01/2023 10:41:00

    'Mould Cooling' is often overlooked despite having the biggest impact on the cycle time and ultimately on part cost. Here at Mouldshop we use our experience in specifying and supplying equipment for mould cooling circuits to change this through either...

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  • Don't Miss The Mark

    Written by on 07/11/2022 14:00:00

    Its that time of year again …    Order your 2023 date stamps NOW in time for the New Year and enjoy a 50% discount in our November promotion. With a full range of standard marking elements available to our customers we have t...

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  • Be Gentle with Your Tool

    Written by on 22/09/2022 11:42:00

    Mouldshop offer a comprehensive range of soft tools for moulders and mouldmakers when working on expensive injection mould tools.   How many times have you seen mould damage or scratched surfaces after someone has used a standard screwdriver or a p...

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  • Gripping Stuff

    Written by on 06/09/2022 12:00:00

    Mouldshop offer a full range of end of arm tooling components.   We keep a full range of parts to allow you to build your own customised grippers; with all of the common sizes of extrusion; brackets and connectors; sprue grippers, level compensator...

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  • Material Handling Mastered

    Written by on 02/08/2022 11:00:00

    Mouldshop offer a full range of material handling system components.   We keep a full range of parts on the shelf; with parts for rigid pipework or flexible hose; we carry stock of the common sizes for all of the popular material handling systems. ...

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  • Our Hottest Deals This Month

    Written by on 08/07/2022 09:00:00

    Hot runner cables supplied from the hot runner (or controller) supplier or even when manufactured ‘in-house’ are normally made by using flexible conduit. Making cables in this way is very flexible – especially when trying to accommodate diff...

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  • New for 2022

    Written by on 07/06/2022 00:00:00

    The New for 2022 Mouldpro catalogue is available now and it includes some fantastic new products, what better way to introduce them to you, than by offering you some incredible savings!    The real stars of the show this month are th...

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  • Clean up with these prices

    Written by on 29/04/2022 08:00:00

    We know the importance of machine and work area maintenance for the Injection Moulder, after all a poorly maintained machine can cost time and money and impact the quality of the product that you are manufacturing. The extensive range of Consumables that we h...

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