FREE Aerosol Can Recycling Now Available

Sustainability within the Plastics Industry is more important than ever, so why not take advantage of our Aerosol Recycling service – completely FREE of charge.

Mouldshop Consignment Stock Customers can now benefit from our FREE aerosol can recycling service. As an additional component of our brand new Mouldshop Synergy service, we will dispose of your used aerosol cans when replenishing your consignment stock. Simply discard your empty aerosols into the FREE recycling bin we provide, and we’ll do the rest.

Once back at Mouldshop HQ, any remaining residue in the cans is removed and the cans are then crushed. The cans then are delivered to a recycling facility where they go on to have a second life.


If you'd like to take advantage of our FREE Aerosol Recycling Service or like to learn nore about becoming a Consignment Stock Customer, simply get in touch here and we'll be happy to help!


* Mouldpro cans and all other cans supplied by Mouldshop are eligible for free crushing, a small fee may be incurred for cans of other origin.