Master your Flow Monitoring With Flosense

Go with the flow and retrofit your existing flow regulators with Flosense® from Mouldpro.


With both Flosense® 4.0, upgrading your moulding machines with a digital flow monitoring system could not be easier to improve the productivity and visible monitoring of your flow, temperature and pressure. The Flosense® system regulates higher temperature ranges and flow capacities, faster mould changeovers, and full data storage and export.

Flosense® 4.0 connects to up to four manifolds simultaneously with a remote digital touchscreen interface that monitors up to 48 separate cooling circuits and features an alarm, USB and ethernet connectivity.

The magnetic bracket for the 7.1” touchscreen allows for ease of installation away from the manifold itself, meaning the digital flow monitoring of your moulding machine works for you, exactly where you want it. 

Upgrading to Flosense® could not be easier with a “plug and play” approach to its installation. Flosense® 4.0 is available by purchasing the manifold or digital display separately to suit your needs.

Constructed from corrosion-resistant brass modules and housed in a stainless-steel cover, the compact Flosense® flow regulating manifold features dual port ball valves to regulate and adjust flow. For ease of cable connection when using Flosense® 4.0, the manifold is equipped with M8 connectors on both sides.


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View and download the Flosense® 4.0 brochure here