Need a 'pick' me up?

Mouldshop offer a wide variety of heavy-duty lifting points, eyebolts and slings designed specifically for the lifting of injection moulds. All our lifting products are sourced from top suppliers of lifting equipment and are exhaustively tested and certified.

Swivel anchor points rotate through 360° and pivot 180°, which simultaneously allows lifting from any direction whilst our Super Lifting Points pivot to 230° and rotate through 360° due to its unique ball bearing design.

All lifting points are manufactured from forged alloy steel, quenched, tempered, and tested in accordance with EN1677-1.

See the additional features offered within this range in this video

Lifting chain slings are available in 1, 2 or 4 chains, the chains can also be adjusted for unsymmetric lengths. Light weight but heavy-duty system, these chains offer extreme wear resistance and longer life than traditional components.

Eyebolts are electroplated DIN580 and can be supplied with and without certification.

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How to Order Your Lifting Points:

Every lifting point has its own specific thread diameter and lifting capacity. Before you finalise your order, it is vital that you double-check the diameter and capacity of the load rings you are purchasing

  • Thread diameter refers to the size of the lifting point's 'eye'. If the ropes or chains that you use have a larger diameter than that of your load ring, you will not be able to attach properly, so make sure you get the diameter right.
  • Lifting capacity is the maximum weight that our load rings can lift safely. This capacity must not be exceeded under any circumstances; over-lifting may cause your lifting points to fail, with potentially disastrous consequences.

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