Innovative Solutions for your Moulds

Mouldshop are delighted to announce that a partnership has been agreed and we are now the UK Distributor for CUMSA Products.
CUMSA has always had a very clear objective of maintaining the latest technological improvements through innovation and constant research and development. Producing Mould Components and accessories since 1979, these parts are completely interchangeable and manufactured with the highest tolerances and precision.
Standard parts are products manufactured accordingly to established parameters and dimensions, which are defined in the published catalogue. The use of standard parts gives the customer a series of competitive advantages:
Quick cost calculation and planning.
Cost Reduction.
Time savings in mould manufacturing.
Mould size reduction.
Quick part adjustment with mould in machine.
Reduction of machine downtime.
Quick part replacement.
The use of standard parts reduces the work of the mouldmaker. Allows a time saving in mould manufacture between 30% - 40% and therefore overall cost reduction. If a part replacement is needed, the production downtime is reduced dramatically with the use of standard parts.