Why not try before you buy with our equipment for hire?


We have a growing selection of free-to-hire equipment available. If you would like to enquire about any of the items below and how to go about an on-site trial, then please get in contact by emailing sales@mouldshop.com.


Descaling Kit:

Used for clearing blocked or badly corroded heating and cooling circuits on Injection Moulding Machines and Moulds. Regular reversal of flow direction, either manual or automatic, speeds up operation and assists in dislodging any solid matter present in pipework and cooling circuits. Use the pump together with the recommended range of descaling fluids to remove both rust and limescale deposits. The descaling fluid contains a colour change indicator to monitor performance; the translucent tank allowing the user to see when the red colour runs clear and is no longer effective. Use the neutralising powder to create a pH neutral fluid which can be easily disposed of.

Please note: The hire of the Descaling Pump does not include Remover Liquid or Neutralising Powder. These will need to be purchased seperately. 


Magnetic Filter:

Avoid problems in the cooling lines and extend the lifetime of your moud heater or chiller. Contaminated fluid enters the inlet port where it is dispersed by the unique tapered radial flow channels. Fluid passes down the outside of the centrally mounted rare earth magnetic core which captures contamination particles along its length, resulting in excellent filtration efficiency. The geometry of the magnetic flix circuit means that contamination builds up in a controlled way, ensuring that the filter can never block, irrespective of how much contamintaion is held. Channels remain open allowing fluid to continue to flow freely. 


Crimp Machine:

Simple to use bench mounted hand crimping machine that acheives professional results in seconds. Ideal for water circuits and suitable for hose up to 3/4".

Further instruction on how to use can be found here.