NEW Micro TIG Welder

Mouldshop is announced as the UK Distributor for TracyTec; located in Denmark TracyTec is a leader in the supply of specialist devices for the repair of tooling, this includes micro welders, polishing devices and related ancillary equipment.

Amazingly well priced the TTW900 is less than 10% of the cost of a laser welder, Injection Moulders and Mouldmakers can now carry out simple repairs inhouse rather than pay for a specialist welding company.

The TTW900 is a brand new Micro TIG Welding unit; with a simple set up and easy-to-use interface, the TTW900 is intended to be used by anyone, no previous welding experience is necessary. By utilising pulse technology, the TTW 900 enables users the chance to perform highly accurate and efficient welds, whilst not compromising on the quality of the finish.

Faster than a laser welder and with a unit weight of only 10kg, the TTW 900’s portability and power allow for welds to be carried out in-situ, meaning tool repairs can be performed on the mould while it is still mounted in the moulding machine.

Highly adaptable, the TTW 900 can be used on an extensive range of metals and has the capability to work with welding rods as small as Ø0,1 mm, all the way up to Ø2,0mm. The TTW 900 is very flexible and can weld all kind of mould steels. It can also weld copper/aluminum alloys such as Moldmax. The unit can weld Titanium, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and many more. Welding with HSS using TTW 900 you can reach 64 HRC after welding.

Mouldshop will be attending “Meet the Toolmaker” on May 13th at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. We will be demonstrating the capabilities of the TTW 900, so if you are interested in this unit, please come over and say hi.


If you are require further information on this unit or would like to arrange a trial / demonstration please email us at