About Us

Mouldshop is a privately owned business built on a foundation of strong customer service values.

We offer an extensive range of high quality, cost effective Mouldshop essentials for the plastic injection moulding industry.  Our premium service is delivered by a team of friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff.

Mouldshop is an independent supplier dedicated to supplying high quality consumables to the Plastics Injection Moulding Industry 

The company began life in 2001 as a supplier of hot runners and ancillary equipment to support machine installations. We are not sure if it was down to sales skills or difficult trading conditions but, this was not terribly successful. 

However, at the end of every meeting we always showed a small set of samples of mould couplings which always generated a lot of interest. The internet was still in its infancy but, we decided to build a small website to sell mould couplings.

Sitting under the stairs trying to find a domain we stumbled across www.mouldshop.com .... thank goodness that the American’s can’t spell!

At almost the same time we were given the opportunity of selling Lusin mould sprays in the UK and decided to try and build our portfolio to offer a full range of products for moulding companies; Mouldshop and the first online catalogue of consumables for the plastics industry was ultimately launched at Interplas in September 2002.

Mouldshop comprises of a dynamic team of dedicated individuals. Together we bring a wealth of experience and specialist industry knowledge to support customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Today our improved website is unrivalled in both range of products and the premium brands that we are proud to be associated with.

We are always keen to introduce new products that will help our customers so, if you can’t find what you are looking for we are always happy to offer a Specialist Sourcing service.

Mouldshop is now part of a network of distributors operating in 25 European Countries giving us an unparalleled level of coverage.

The Mouldshop team understand that our customers need high quality products at competitive prices – but, just as important is that they need the goods to arrive when we say they will. Mouldshop are committed to working with our suppliers to achieve all of these goals.

Our customers need to be able to trust their supplier and whether we are dealing with a small family business or a multi-national company the customer will receive the same level of customer care.

Inevitably, on occasions, things do go wrong and this is our opportunity to shine. Our customer service department will do whatever we can to help resolve the problem, whether it is a faulty part, a missing shipment or an incorrectly specified component. 

From our humble beginnings Mouldshop has now established itself as the premier supplier of consumables to the industry.


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