Save On Machine Accessories This April

This April we’re shining the spotlight on moulding machine accessories with a fantastic 15% saving on Mould Curtains, Linear Transducers and more…

Whether you have new machines which need kitting out, or your current machines are looking a little unloved, our April offers are the perfect opportunity to buy the best in moulding machine accessories.

Our Mould Curtains have been tested up to 3,000,000 cycles, with the patented design preventing plastic parts from scattering around the machine, whilst offering a completely unrestricted view of the mould face during operation. The ultra-low-profile design of our Mould Curtains even allows for installation where there are numerous water connectors fitted to the mould.

Linear Transducers are vital in monitoring and controlling the movement and operation of the moulding machine during a production cycle. Linear Transducers achieve this by measuring movement along a single axis and reporting back any deviations via an electrical signal. We have different Linear Transducers available depending on your needs.

As part of our April promotion, we also have savings on Machine Mounts and Hydraulic ISO Couplings. With a wide variety of machine accessories from Mouldpro on offer this month, you can be sure to upgrade your machine set-up and optimise your productivity and efficiency for less.