Clean up with these prices

We know the importance of machine and work area maintenance for the Injection Moulder, after all a poorly maintained machine can cost time and money and impact the quality of the product that you are manufacturing. The extensive range of Consumables that we have available at Mouldshop means that we have everything you need for the daily maintenance of your machine and work area and our consignment stock opportunity means that maintaining your stock levels has never been simpler!  


This month we have great offers on some of our most popular Consumables, so now is the time to stock up! Whether you are looking for Multi-Wipes for a quick and easy clean-up of your hands, tools and machine surfaces, Mould Cleaner for a fast-drying way of removing oil, grease and wax residues from moulds or Absorbent Pads, Absorbent Roll or Absorbent Socks for oil, coolants, solvents and water spills and leaks, we have the products for you. 


We have a whopping 50% off our Multi-Wipes this month so you can get 200 wipes for the price of 100, now that’s what we call a bargain. Even our Absorbent Pads, Absorbent Roll and Absorbent Socks have a huge 45% off, so now is the time to top up those supplies to make the most of these savings. 


Opt for our consignment stock opportunity to ensure that your Consumables are always stocked up. One invoice a month for all your mould shop consumables saves time and money and you will always have the kit you need, when you need it! 



For more information on our consignment stock opportunities call our sales team today on 08454 700701 or you can email us at to find out more.