The 'Perfect Match' for any Tool

Mouldshop has a large range of moulding tool components, perhaps you could say we have the ‘perfect match’ for you.

Our Progressive range includes a wide selection of mould components that can be readily assembled to your tools. The Side Locks which are machined on the side with the mould halves assembled, help give positive guiding between cavities and cores. Their longevity has been thoroughly tested and out performs all others.

The Slide Retainers can reliably hold your side actions from 2-80lbs (1-36kgs), the colour coded rings indicate their force rating. Similar to our Mouldpro ISO Springs, these are colour coded to indicate their weight capacity. These high quality and long-lasting springs compress with the tool allowing the tool to work more efficiently in achieving higher mechanical strength.

Plus, we are offering up to 30% discount of certain Progressive and Mouldpro moulding components throughout February, browse the products on offer here.   

The Progressive range extends to our counterviews offering a variety of monitors specific to tracking the tools performance. Some counters work  cohesively with each other to monitor the moulds progress.

Our Mouldpro range of Channel Plugs and Ejector Pins provide another ‘perfect match’ to any tool. The pins have been shown to reduce hole damage and the frequency of replacing galled or damaged pins, saving you both time and money. The plugs can easily be fixed inside cooling channels by using the appropriate tool, which has adjustable tightness to suit fit and is simple to use eliminating the need for tapping. 

And yes… these have a discount of up to 30% too. If you have any more technical questions with regards to these components call us on 08454 700701 or email