Be Gentle with Your Tool

Mouldshop offer a comprehensive range of soft tools for moulders and mouldmakers when working on expensive injection mould tools.

How many times have you seen mould damage or scratched surfaces after someone has used a standard screwdriver or a pair of normal needle nose pliers to remove a moulding that is stuck in a cavity? 

Mouldshop offer a complete range of high-quality bronze pliers ideal for removing sprues or stuck parts and working on the mould. Forged from an aluminium bronze alloy the pliers are strong but soft; significantly softer that tool steel meaning reduced risk of scratching the mould surface. The pliers are available as Straight Needle Nose, Angled Needle Nose (in two different sizes) and Side Cutters.

In addition to the pliers Mouldshop stock a full range of soft tools which include knock-out bars; scrapers; brushes; hot tip sprue cleaners. More recently Mouldpro have introduced a range of premium bronze alloy pry bars available in radius head, rolling head and angle head designs ideal for splitting mould plates without the risk of damage or scratches to the surface of the mould; exclusively available from Mouldshop.