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Hot runner cables supplied from the hot runner (or controller) supplier or even when manufactured ‘in-house’ are normally made by using flexible conduit. Making cables in this way is very flexible – especially when trying to accommodate different wiring standards but, it is quite labour intensive and uses more materials and therefore an expensive way of making cables.

It is relatively easy to find Multicore Power and Thermocouple Cables – but, if the company hot runner wiring standard calls for a combination ie power and thermocouple in the same connector then traditionally there would be no choice but, to use conduit. Manufactured exclusively for Mouldpro the Multiflex Cable has both power and thermocouple combined in the same cable.








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Male Insert Screw Terminals | Female Insert Screw Terminals | Top Entry Hood | Panel Mount Housing | Multicore Power Cable | Multicore Thermocouple Cable | Multiflex Cable | Plastic Cable Gland