Mouldshop UK Acquires Exclusive Distribution of MTMS Kit

The Melt Temperature Measurement System (MTMS) will now be readily available to the UK injection moulding market for the first time thanks to an exclusive distribution between Mouldshop UK and American based MTMS LLC.

Mouldshop UK are thrilled to be able to bring the most accurate method of melt temperature reading to their customers. Measuring the exact melt temperature of your material has been a challenging science, but pioneering technology developed by injection moulding expert Rich Bleck has now made that a thing of the past.

Barrel temperature is neither a reliable nor indicative measure of material melt temperature and existing methods of capturing the material melt temperature are unable to determine an accurate temperature due to the material cooling and skin developing before a reading can be taken. The two principles of the Melt Temperature Measurement System ensures firstly that the material remains molten at reading and secondly, the thermocouple has a direct contact with the material. The system also eliminates chance of human error in temperature reporting.

Mouldshop UK Managing Director, Mark Guyett is delighted to bring this truly innovative product to Mouldshop’s already expansive catalogue of industry-leading products. He goes on to add, “It’s imperative that we ensure to constantly review new and developing technology within the moulding industry and provide our customers with an accessible, straightforward route to getting it into their toolrooms”.

A demo kit will be available for customers to experience first hand just how fast and easy the MTMS Kit is to use. Liam Hammond, Mouldshop UK Technical Sales, believes the MTMS “will be especially beneficial to Mouldshop customers who need to follow incredibly stringent processes when manufacturing moulded components”.

The US Patented product is available here, with further supporting information available directly from the MTMS LLC website For further information, Mouldshop UK welcomes customers both existing and new to reach out to the sales team via

Press Contact: Kate Moore (Marketing Coordinator)