FREE Torque Wrench and Hex Bit This July

Ensure you have the best product to facilitate the clamping of your injection moulding machines with a set of our Power Clamps. These clamps are a cost-effective solution which allow for quicker mould changes. The Power Clamps can accommodate a host of different sized back-plates of varying thicknesses.  Withstanding clamp forces of between 1600 KGF to 5500 KGF, the Power Clamps will help you to achieve optimum performance from your moulding machines.

When you purchase a full set of Power Clamps during July, you will receive a FREE Torque Wrench and Hex Bit as a gift from us. The Unior Wrench is a toolbox essential and comes in two sizes dependant on the size of clamps purchased –1/2” or 3/8 ”.


View and order your set of Power Clamps here.