Mould Cooling

'Mould Cooling is often overlooked despite having the biggest impact on the cycle time and ultimately on part cost. Here at Mouldshop we use our experience in specifying and supplying equipment for mould cooling circuits to change this through either traditional manifolding or through the new generation of Flosense smart flow sensing manifold solutions.


Understandably, traditional flow regulators have been used in the past as a simple and cost-effective solution for distributing the flow to multiple cooling circuits and indicating the amount of flow supplied to each circuit. Due to their design, traditional flow regulators are not suited to being mounted within the moulding area, meaning inevitably, a long hose runs especially to the moulding half of the mould, which in turn reduces. A reduction in flow will mean less effective cooling of the part and a longer cooling and cycle time.


One alternative solution to flow regulators that we have seen in recent years is manifolding. Manifolds can be located close to the mould and a large bore hose can be used to feed the manifold and a shorter hose runs from the manifold to the mould circuits, maximising flow rates. The problem with this solution is that it is still not possible for the customer to see the flow rate on individual circuits meaning that it is difficult to identify blocked cooling channels inside the mould which will almost certainly result in moulding defects.

In some instances, customers have installed individual flow indicators or sensors on each circuit – but on big moulds with lots of cooling circuits this can become very expensive, this solution is often bulky and gives no integrated alarm signal that will alert the operator to a cooling problem, an important feature to have when injection moulding. This is where the new generation of Flosense manifolds come in.

Mouldshop are at the forefront of the development of flow sensing manifolds which you will have seen through our Flosense Range of products 

Flosense offers a cost-effective solution to mould cooling problems that injection moulders too often face, the manifolds are compact and can be integrated close to the mould. Using a remote mounted display, the screen will show actual flow and temperature measurements for every circuit and additionally display temperature and pressure on the main flow and return circuits. The user can set programmable alarm limits on all of these parameters and the alarm signal outputs can be integrated with the machine.

Ultra-compact slimline manifolds

A corrosion resistant design

Integrated ball valves

The ability to measure flow and temperature on all circuits

Displays Reynolds number and indicates turbulent flow

Remote mount display

Data storage

The ability to integrate via Alarm Outputs, VNC or OPC UA


To find out more about our Flosense range visit our website call our team today on 08454 700701 and they will be happy to help guide you to the best solution for you and your needs.'