Mould Cooling for less...

'Mould Cooling' is often overlooked despite having the biggest impact on the cycle time and ultimately on part cost. Here at Mouldshop we use our experience in specifying and supplying equipment for mould cooling circuits to change this through either traditional manifolding or through a new generation of solutions. 

Efficient 'Mould Cooling' isn't typically the first thing that comes to mind for a mould designer. Even experienced engineers who have created reliable cooling systems can benefit from having a rethink on their processes. The reason is clear: Process cooling and its associated data points, including flow, pressure, and temperature, play an essential role in optimizing mould efficiency, which translates to reduced cycle times.

Here at Mouldshop we supply quality, cost effective products, with a large UK stock holding in excess of 300,000 items ready for next day delivery. Our user friendly website can be found at or alternatively give our sales guys a call for any technical assistance on 08454 700701. 

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This months offers: Flow Regulator | Inline Manifold | Inline Stainless Steel Manifold | Stainless Steel Inline Manifold Heavy Duty | Inline Filter 1/4 | Filter Housing | Ball Valve with Integrated Filter | Ball Valve with Integrated Filter and Magnet