Airtect LA500 Single Nozzle Leak Detection Kit

The AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System is a unique device which gives protection against plastic leak damage caused by leaking plastic around the machine nozzle which can cause damage to the heater bands and prevent significant downtime. The sytsem works using low pressure compressed air; a small pipe is routed to the nozzle area and as soon as the pipe is blocked (with plastic material) the alarm will alert to a possible problem.


Kit Includes:

  • LA500 with 2 x 7-segment LED display with programmable operational settings
  • AR-20GF Air pressure regulator with pressure gauge, air filter and fittings
  • 3m PU Tube
  • 0.5m 2.5mm silicone rubber tube
  • 3m 2mm stainless steel sensor tube
  • Installation/operation manual
  • 2m electrical power / interlock cable


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