Mould Splitting Table

Mould Splitting Tables provide an easy way to split and rotate tools to provide an ease of access to all sides of the tool to allow the highest quality of workmanship and maintenance to occur



Overall table dimensions: 
MST1500     1200mm length x 500mm width x 800mm height (2x 496mm x 346mm platforms)
MST2000     1200mm length x 550mm width x 800mm height (2x 546mm x 396mm platforms)
MST3000     1500mm length x 800mm width x 800mm height (2x 646mm x 496mm platforms)
MST4000     1500mm length x 800mm width x 800mm height (2x 796mm x 496mm platforms)
MST6000    2000mm length x 1000mm width x 650mm height (2x 996mm x 596mm platforms)
MST10000  2000mm length x 1140mm width x 500mm height (2x 1200mm x 646mm platforms)
Fitted with adjusting, leveling feet (150mm bolts for 100mm adjustment)
Mould Splitting Tables come with one fixed platform and one sliding platform (along the Y-axis) both of which fully rotate and lock at every 90 degree interval. Platforms are rotated and separated using the handles on each platform
Finished in RAL colour of your choosing
Other available options include:
- Wheels
- Brackets for mould mounting
- Drawer Module (75kg capacity)
- M16 threaded holes on platforms
- 90° Magnetic bracket
Other customisations and sizes available on request, please contact us to get a bespoke quotation

Prices are inclusive of delivery to a Great Britain address